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    How to remove password from PDF files using web browser


    We use many password protected PDF files for security reasons. But, when we use it in our own computer and we use it regularly then using password each time becomes boring. So, I have an easy idea for you to remove password from your PDF files using any web browser.

    Remove password from PDF files using web browser

    It is very exciting to know that your web browser can act as password decryptor for your PDF files. You can easily remove password of PDF file without any software. You have to follow these steps:
    1. Right click on the PDF file click on “ Open With “. Now, select the browser from the list.
    2. Now right click on the file and click on Print or just press “ CTRL + P “ .
    3. You have to choose the printer as “ Microsoft Print to PDF “ . Now click on “ Print “
    4. Now your file will be downloaded .  This downloaded file will open without any password.

    In this way you can easily  remove password from PDF files using web browser.

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