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    Disable Cortena on windows 10 lock screen in three steps

    Cortena is very useful app in windows 10. It is enabled in windows 10 by default. But, some persons don't like cortena. If you are among those persons then just wait. You can disable cortena on windows 10 lock screen in 3 easy steps.
    cortena windows 10

    1)At first you have to launch cortena. You can launch cortena by three methods.
    • If you have enabled cortena then say " Hey cortena ". It will be launched automatically.
    • You can launch cortena by pressing " windows + s " key shortcut.
    • Easiest method to launch cortena is to click on Cortena icon on the taskbar.

    2)You have launched Cortena. Now, its time to move to second step. You have to click on "gear icon settings " button.

    3)Now go to the settings and find the option " use cortena even when my device is locked ". Now toggle it to turn it off.

    Yes. You have done this. You have disabled cortena on windows 10 lock screen.

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