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    How to download Google Maps for offline use

    In this post, you will learn how to download Google Maps for offline use. Today, Google maps is very popular for navigation during travelling. But, sometimes we pass through the areas where we don't get network or WiFi signal.
    At that time our navigation system fails to work. Now I have a good news for you. You can download Google Maps and you can use it offline. That means you can use Google maps in those areas also where there is no network connection or WiFi signal.
    There are some limitations for offline facility. Such as you will not be able to search for a particular restaurant or shop. But, you can navigate to a particular address or pincode. During offline usage, you will find only driving directions and you can't get the traffic information.

    How to download Google Maps for offline use

    Before downloading, it will be better to know that you should use free WiFi connection if possible. Because, it will consume huge data of your internet plan. You can download Google Maps of area size up to 120000 sq KM. One more point is that what you will download will automatically delete after 29 days. So, if you are planning to download Google Maps then download it just before you want to start your travel.

    Now follow the steps mentioned below :
    1. At first open Google Maps and sign in with your id. To check that you are signed in or not, go to three horizontal bars situated to the left of the search bar. If you see your name or email address then you are signed in. If not, please sign in first.
    2. Now you can see offline areas in the menu. Click on it and you will see "recommended areas". 
    3. Search for the place where you are going to visit. After finding the place, go back to "offline areas" and click on the "+" button i the bottom right of the screen. you will be propmpted "download this area". 
    4. Now drag the map inside the square box until it encloses the area you want a map of.
    5. Click on download button and you can give a name to it.
    6. Now, download will start. Wait until download complete.
    In this way, you can download Google Maps for offline use.

    Navigating through offline maps is very simple. Just click on turn arrow in the blue circle at the bottom of the Map and you have to search for your destination in the search bar. Now, you will get driving directions from your present position.


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