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    Why Mark zuckerberg uses tape on his MacBook ?

    zuckerberg uses tape on webcam and microphone of macbook

    Yes, it is true. Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg was recently spotted using tape on webcam and microphone of his MacBook. Are you eager to know ? Why ? Then answer is hackers. Even Facebook's CEO has fear of hackers. Because, recently his Twitter account was hacked by hackers. So, prevention is better than cure! It was recently spotted in the image posted by him on instagram on the occasion of
    celebrating 500 million monthly users base of Instagram.
    zuckerberg uses tape on webcam and microphone of macbook

    Actually it is easy to hack your webcam and microphone by hackers to see what you are doing and what are you saying. So, to avoid such a embarrassing situation that Facebook's CEO's webcam and microphone is hacked, zuckerberg used this raw trick. Definitely this is the best trick if you want not to be watched or listened by hackers while surfing internet.
    So, friends! Try this zuckerberg's trick and enjoy !

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    1. This is an amazing trick. I will discuss it with my http://www.nimblevox.com/ team. Thanks for sharing with us.


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