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    How to download facebook video

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    We come across many interesting videos on Facebook. You can view them by streaming online. But, if you want to download it to watch it again or to share it with your friends then you will feel very disappointed. Because, Facebook doesn't provide a way to download their videos. There are many websites and softwares available on internet which provide the facility to download those videos just by pasting the URL of the Facebook videos.
    I will discuss a method in which there is no need of any software or website. You can download it easily within a minute. Just follow the below mentioned four steps and enjoy:-
    1. At first you have to open the Facebook video.
    2. Go to the address bar of your browser. You have to replace "www" with "m". Now, URL will look like "m.facebook.com/........"
    3. Now, you have to play the video for one or two seconds and click the "pause" button.
    4. Right click on the video and choose the option "save video as". You can choose the location where you want to save the video and you can rename the video. Now, click on "save".
    Congratulations ! You have done this. Now, video will download to your specified location. In this way, you can easily download Facebook video. In the entire process, there is no need of any software or pasting the URL of the Facebook video.

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