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    How to block game requests on facebook

    block facebook game requests

    If you are reading this post then definitely you are also the victim of Facebook game requests. One who likes "candy crush saga" thinks that everyone will like it. But, friend ! We are born with different interests. So, please don't compel us to play your favourite game. In this post, I will discuss you the method by which you will be able to block game requests on Facebook.
    1. Go to your Facebook home page.
    2. See left to the newsfeed where different types of navigation aids and settings are mentioned.
    3. Go to the "Apps" section and click on "Games".
    4. Now you will see two tabs "find games" and "Activity".
    5. Click on "Activity" then click on "invites".
    6. Now, you can block game requests by two ways - you can click on "ignore all" next to each game or you can click on "X" followed by "Accept" button.
    7. If you will select "Ignore all" then that game will be blocked. No one will be able to send that game request to you.
    8. You will see a dialog box of confirmation. Just click on "confirm".
    9. If you want to block game request sent by certain person then click on "X" next to sender's name. This will block game request from that particular person.
    10. Again you will see a dialog box "ignore all future app invites from ...." . click on "OK".
    In this way, you can block game requests on favebook .

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