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    Boot into safe mode on windows 8 and windows 10

    windows 10

    Safe mode is the option which is used in troubleshooting windows operating system. In safe mode, computer starts with limited functionality. Windows starts with only the basic files and drivers that are necessary to run windows. So, if you want to troubleshoot your PC then it will be better to boot it into safe mode. In windows versions prior to windows 8,
    people were able to easily turn the PC in safe mode by pressing F8 key. But, when windows 8 came in the market, the scenario changed. Now, F8 key will boot your computer into automatic recovery mode. I will discuss the trick by which you will be able to boot your computer into safe mode in windows 8 and windows 10.

    By system configuration tool (msconfig.exe)

    This method works well in windows 8 and windows 10
    1. At first press "win+R" key shortcut.
    2. "Run" command box will open.
    3. Just write "msconfig" in the "run" command box and press "OK" button.
    4. Now "system configuration" window will open. Click on the "Boot" tab.
    5. You can select the type of the safe mode from the options : minimal, alternate shell, network etc. For normal safe mode, select "minimal" option. 
    6. Cick on "OK" and "restart" your computer.
    Now, your computer will boot into safe mode.
    After troubleshooting is done, you should stop safe mode. To do so, open "system configuration" by pressing "win+R" key and type "msconfig" in "run" box. Uncheck the "safe boot" option below the "boot" options and click on "OK".
    Now when you will restart your PC, it will open in normal mode.

     For window 8 and 8.1 : shift + restart method

    1. Go to the "power" button of your windows login screen.
    2. Now, you have to press and hold the "SHIFT" key and click on "restart"
    3. You will be asked to "choose an option". Select "troubleshoot".
    4. Below "troubleshoot", select "advanced options".
    5. In the "advanced option", select "startup settings".
    6. Now, click on "restart" button in "startup settings".
    7. Your PC will restart and it will show nine startup options: enable debugging, enable boot logging, enable low resolution video, enable safe mode, enable safe mode with networking etc. With serial no 1 to 9. For first option F1 key, for second F2 key. Similarly to enable safe mode, you have to press F4 button. If you want to enable safe mode with networking then press F5 and to enable safe mode with command prompt press F6 button of your keyboard.

     For windows 10

    1. Click on "start". After that click on "settings".
    2. Now, "settings" menu will open.
    3. You have to click on "update and security".
    4. Now, click on "recovery".
    5. Click on "Restart now" below the "advanced set up".
    6. Now, follow the previous method from point no 3 to 7.( for windows 8 and 8.1)
    In this way, you can boot into safe mode on windows 8 and windows 10 operating system.

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