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    All about plugins in Google Chrome

    chrome plugins
    After reading this post you will get a brief knowledge about plugins in google chrome. Plugins enhances the functionality of your chrome browser. You can do many things like viewing flash animations or pdf documents with the help of plugins.
    You can also improve the working of video and audio files. Google chrome has many plugins  ex- flash player, chrome pdf viewer, native client etc.
    To view the plugins attached with your chrome browser, just type the following in the address bar of the chrome browser
    "Chrome://plugins "
    Following are some popular plugins of chrome :
    1. Google update 
    2. Adobe acrobat
    3. Google gadget plugin
    4. Google gears
    5. Active x plugin
    6. Shockwave flash
    7. Siverlight plugin
    8. Windows presentation foundation
    9. Default plugin
    Google provides two more module Active X and Google Gears. Chrome doesn't include Java by default. We have to install it later.

    A brief of Plugins

    Google update

    It updates the google chrome browser.

    Adobe Acrobat

    It is used to display PDF files.

    Google gears

    It is used to run web applications offline. For this, you have to go to the option panel > under the hood
    It will allow you to describe how each website can use google gears.

    Active X

    It recognizes the active X objects of Microsoft.


    It is used to play online videos or games.


    It is a Microsoft framework that is used for creating online applications.

    Windows presentation foundation

    It is a graphical interface of .NET. It helps in managing the processing of XAML.

    Default plugin

    It helps in installing additional Putin's to google chrome

    How to change plugins settings

    Google chrome uses all the plugins by default. But, if a page is at a security risk then it will block plugins.
    Chrome blocks automatically plugins that has become out of date or you are not using it for many programs. You can block plugins manually by following the steps mentioned below:-
    • Click on the chrome menu ( three horizontal bars )
    • Click on settings > show advanced settings
    • Now go to the "privacy section" and click on "content settings".
    • Now you have to choose any one of the following from "plugins" section:-
    • Run all plugins content :- after choosing this option chrome will run AL up-to-date Plugins.
    • Detect and run important plugins content (default):- when you will choose this option, chrome will select to run only important Plugins that are used by default. You have to click to play non essential content.
    • Let me choose when to run plugins content :- no plugin will run automatically. You have to right click on the Plugin you want to run and choose run this plugin.
    If you want to allow plugins for particular website then click on manage exceptions.

    How to turn specific plugins on and off

    Just follow the below steps:-
    1. Open the chrome browser.
    2. Go to the address bar and type " chrome://plugins/ ", now press "Enter".
    3. Now you will see plugins. If you want to use a plugin then click on "enable" and if you want to turn off a plugin then click on "disable".
    Note :- If you will visit a webpage with a plugin that is disabled then you will see a warning message "the plugin has been disabled "

    How to troubleshoot plugin problems

    If you find a message " the following Plugin has crashed " then it is the time to troubleshoot your plugins.
    Just wait to start the plugin automatically or force the process to close. For troubeshooting, reload the page by click on refresh.

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