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    Show or hide facebook posts for specific people

    Facebook is the most popular social media site. People are linked with each other through this website. Whenever you post something on your wall it spreads like the fire of the jungle. But, each coin has two sides. There may be some posts which can't be shared with the family members and there may be some posts which can't be shared outside the family. So, there is a new trick for you with which you will be able to allow or disallow the person you want to see the post. In other way, you can say that you will be able to customize your post for specific people.
    1. Login to your facebook account and write down the status update you want to post.
    2. Now click on the " public/friends " besides the "post" button in the lower right side of your status update.
    3. Now you have to select "more options".
    4. After that click on "custom".
    5. A dialog box will open. You will get two options- "share with" and "don't share with".
    6. If you want to show your post to certain people then choose the option "share with" and enter the name of the friends whom you want to show your post.
    7. Click on "save". After that publish your post.
    8. But, if you want to show your post to all of your friends except some of them then select "don't share with" and enter the name of the friends from whom you want to hide your post.
    9. If you are annoyed with entering each name one by one then you can create list of the people, like  family members, friends, close friends etc. Now you can put the name of the list directly in the box of "share with" or "don't share with".

    How to create list of friends in facebook

    1. Go to "home" tab of your facebook profile.
    2. In the left side click on "friends" 
    3. A "friend" box will open. 
    4. Click on "create list". 
    5. A new window will open. Enter the name of the list in the box named "list name".enter the name of the members in the box named "members".
    6. Lastly click on "create".
    In this way you can create a list and you can use these lists in the "share with" and "don't share with" box to hide or show your facebook post to certain specific people.

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