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    How to remove ads from windows 10 lock screen

    Some users of windows 10 is complaining that Microsoft is running ads on their lock screen. Most of the people don' t like this and they want to get rid of it. 
    So I will give you the trick by which you will be able to remove ads from windows 10 lock screen:

    1. Click on windows icon situated at bottom left of the screen or just press the windows button of keyboard.
    2. Click on settings.
    3. A new window will open. Select here personalization.
    4. Now click on lock screen.
    5. You will see "windows spotlight" under the background menu. Actually this is the key point. Microsoft run ads through this windows spotlight. So if you want to remove ads from your lock screen in windows 10 then you have to change it.So, select "picture" or "slideshow" from the drop-down menu under Background.
    6. If you select "picture" then you will have to choose one image to be shown on lock screen.
    7. But, if you choose select slide show then you have to choose multiple images.
    8. Now go to "Gen fun facts,tips,tricks and more on your lock screen " and keep it " off ".

    In this way, you can remove ads from your windows 10 lock screen.

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