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    How to move contacts from android phone to google

    Sometimes you change your android phone or you lost the phone, or you want to purchase a new android phone. In all the above cases, there is a fear to loose the contacts data of the phone. So to keep a backup from where you can get all the contacts data is very necessary. you can keep the back up to Google
    contacts by a very easy method:
    1. Go to the " contact " app of your android phone. 
    2. Tap the menu button (generally three horizontal bar )
    3. Choose the option " import/export"
    4. Now you have to select "export to SD card ". A .vcf file will generate. Please remember the name and location of the file.
    5. Open again the "contacts" app.
    6. Tap on the menu button ( generally three horizontal bar)
    7. You have to choose " import/export".
    8. Tap on " import".
    9. After that, choose " Google ".
    10. Select the saved ".vcf " file then tap on "OK".
    Now all of your contacts will be stored in your Google account.

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