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    Find my phone - get back your lost phone

    cell phone

    Actually we feel very disappointed when we loose our phone. All the day only one thing run in your mind - "how to get back the lost phone ".
    So there is no need to worry. I am here to show you the way by which you can find your phone. There are different methods for different type of phones. We will discuss all of them one by one.

    Find my phone using google search

    Google has come with the easiest method to find your phone that you have lost or misplaced. You can find the phone and ring it through your web browser.
    At first open your web browser and login to google account that was used to set up on the phone. Now type in the search box " Find my phone". Now google will display a map with the location of your phone. After waiting for some time, you will be able to get accurate location of the phone.
    You can ring the phone by click on the ring button situated in the bottom left of the map.
    You can't lock or erase the data of the phone by this method. For this you have to follow the methods explained below.

    For Android

    You can know the location of your lost phone by "Android device manager " app. The only one condition is that your phone should be turned on and internet should be active. Just open the " Android device manager" app and sign in by the Google account which is used by your lost phone. Now you can find the location of your phone. You can do three things:
    1. You can ring your phone
    2. You can lock the phone
    3. You can erase all the data stored.

    For iPhone

    If you use iPhone then you should choose "find my iPhone" app. You have two options to access it - by iOS device or a browser. To find your iPhone follow the steps mentioned below:
    1. Just do the login to iCloud website with the id of your lost apple ierasePhone id. 
    2. Now you have to click "find my iPhone".
    3. Click "all devices" and select your lost iPhone.
    4. Now you can do three things :- erase iPhone, play sound and lost mode.
    If your phone is around you like in home or office and you are not able to find it because it is in silent mode then select the option "play sound ". your phone will play a sound at high volume so that you can find it.
    If it is not around you and you want that no one can access the data of your phone then select the option of "lost mode ". Now your phone will be locked with a password set by you. It has the facility that you can send a display message on your phone with address or contact number. By this the person who find your phone can reach to you.
    And the last option is "erase iPhone". If you are not able to find the phone and you don't want that anyone access your private data then select this option. Then all of your iPhone data will be erased. If you have already selected "lost mode" before selecting "erase iPhone" then your sent display message will be shown on it even after erasing the phone data.
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    For windows phone

    To find your lost windows phone, your lost phone should be signed in Microsoft account then you can find it by following these steps:-
    1. Sign in account.Microsoft.com/devices with the I'd which is of your lost window phone.
    2. Select your phone and click on "find my phone"
    3. A map will display with your phone's location, again you will get three options like iPhone :- ring, lock and erase your phone.
    In this way I think that you can find out your lost phone.

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