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    Enable Hibernate mode in windows 10

    Hibernate mode is very useful because it  saves power usage of your PC or laptop. Another benefit is that it saves the work same as you left. But, unfortunately windows 10 has not given this facility. Don't worry, I have come with a trick to enable Hibernate mode in windows 10. So, to use this facility in your latest windows operating system, please follow the steps mentioned below:
    • Go to start and type power options . Now select the first result displayed.
    Right click on Start button and select power options.
    • Now you have to select choose what the power button do from the panel situated in left side.
    • Now you have to click on change settings that are currently unavailable.
    • In shutdown settings check the box of Hibernate option.
    • Now click on save settings.
    Go to power menu of start .
    You will see that hibernate option is also available now.
    In this way you have enabled hibernate mode in windows 10.

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