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    Change gmail password in 5 easy steps

    There are many risks on internet. Hacking attacks, phishing attacks, virus infections - are some of the common attacks we face on the internet. These attacks can steal the password of your gmail account. If you feel that your gmail password is compromised then it's an alarming situation. Your important data stored in your mail account can be accessed by your enemy or the hacker who knows your password. So,
    if you want to keep safe your email account then you should change your password as soon as you know that your password is hacked or known to someone.
    Changing password is very easy. You can change it in just 5 easy steps:-
    1. At first you have to login in your gmail account then click on gear icon situated at the upper right corner of the page.
    2. Now select " settings " from the drop down menu.
    3. Now you have to select the tab " Accounts and Imports ".
    4. Click on " change password "
    5. Now type your " current password", " new password" and finally "confirm new password" in the boxes. Click on the " change password " button.
    And you have done this. Your gmail password is changed now.

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