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    18 ways to speed up google chrome

    Google chrome is popular because of its fast browsing speed. Some distinct features make it faster than other web browsers. But, if you will not  handle it with care then after some time, you will feel that google chrome is running very slow. Even after using fast internet connection your browser will take a lot of time to load the pages. So, problem is not with your internet connection, it is your browser that needs some remedy.

    In this post, i will discuss 18 easy steps by which you will be able to speed up your chrome browser.

    1.Remove the web apps you don't use

    Google chrome runs web apps. But there are many web apps you don't need. Removing them can increase your browsing speed.
    1. Go to Google Chrome's address bar and type " chrome://apps"
    2. Now choose the web app you have to remove. Right click on it and select "remove from chrome..." 
    3. Click on the "Remove" button.

    2.Disable extensions you don't use

    Extensions extends the functionality of the browser. But, running many extensions simultaneously uses your browser's resources heavily. They run in background and uses the memory equal to a new tab of your browser. So, if you don't care about it, it can be the main culprit of your slow browsing speed. I will advise you to disable the extensions you don't use and you may delete the extensions you never use.
    1. Go to the address bar of your Google chrome browser and type " chrome://extensions" or you can use alternate method Go to chrome Menu>More tools>Extensions
    2. Now you have to choose which extension you want to disable and which extension you want to delete.
    3. For disabling- uncheck the "enabled" box. For  deleting - click on the delete (trash) icon .
    google chrome extension

    3.Disable the plugins you don't use

    Plugins improves the functionality of the browser. Google chrome has many plugins ex- native client, flash player, chrome PDF viewer etc. Same as extensions, plugins also use memory resource. So, it will be better to disable the plugins you are not using.
    1. Go to the address bar of your chrome browser and type there "chrome://plugins" 
    2. You will see all the plugins that are attached with your chrome browser. Some of them are enabled and some of them are disabled. Now you have to choose which one is of no use for you. Just click on disable and that plugin will be disabled. 

    4.Clear the cache

    Clearing the cache increases the space of the disk and it enhances the speed of the browser.
    1. Go to the menu (three horizontal bars)
    2. Now click on more tools > clear browsing data
    3. A dialog box will open. Go to "obliterate the following items from....". Now select " the beginning of the time".
    4. Click on the checkbox that you want to delete and finally click on " clear browsing data" button.

    5.Update Google chrome

    If your chrome browser is outdated then its time to update it. Because updated version will definitely speed up your browsing.
    1. Go to the Menu button (three horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the browser). If you see that the color of bars are orange, green, or red then your chrome browser needs an update.
    2. Click on Menu button then select " about Google chrome "
    3. A new tab will open. " update Google chrome " option will display. You have to do nothing. Just wait and watch. Your browser update will start automatically. 
    4. When update finishes click on the " relaunch " button. Your chrome browser will restart with an updated latest version.

    6.Enable prefetch resources

    Prefetch resources is an intelligent feature provided by Google chrome. This feature suggest the browser about the webpages that can be opened by the user. So browser got a signal before user open these pages and it starts loading those pages silently in the background. In this way it saves your loading time for certain webpages. So, enable prefetch resources.
    1. Go to Options > Settings > Show advanced settings.
    2. Click on " Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly ".

    7.Enable experimental canvas features

    This feature enhances the speed by reducing the load time of the browser.
    1. Go to the address bar of your browser and type " chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-canvas-features ".
    2. Click on " enable " after that click on " relaunch now " button.

    8.Enable scroll prediction

    This feature suggest the chrome browser prediction of page scrolling by user. So, enable it.
    1. Go to the address bar and type " chrome://flags/#enable-scrolls prediction "
    2. Click on "enable" then click on " relaunch now ".

    9.Increase the number of maximum tiles

    Maximum tiles provides browser better idea about your interest area. If you will increase the maximum number of tiles then chrome will be able to fetch more tiles based on tour interest area and your browsing history. So, you will be able to open the webpage fast.
    1. Type " chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area " in the address bar.
    2. You have to select 512 from the drop down menu list.
    3. Click on "relaunch now" button.

    10.Enable fast tab/window close

    This feature increases the speed of closing of tab and window. Because it runs a handler " onUnload.js " that is independent of graphical user interface.
    1. Type " chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload "
    2. Click " enable " and then " relaunch now " button.

    11.Increase the number of raster threads

    Raster threads are related to images. By increasing the number of raster threads you can decrease the image rendering time of the browser. In this way, webpage can load faster.
    1. Type " chrome://flags/#num-raster-threads " in address bar.
    2. Now select 4 from drop down list and click on " relaunch now " button.

    12.Enable display list 2D canvas

    By enabling display list 2D canvas browser can do simultaneous parallel processing. This will decrease the finishing time of processes. In this way, it will increase the speed of the browser.
    1. Type " chrome://flags/#enable-display-list-2d-canvas " in the address bar.
    2. Now select " enable ".

    13.Enable experimental QUIC protocol

    Enabling experimental QUIC protocol can decrease the page load time and increase the speed of the browser.
    1. Type " chrome://flags/#enable-quic "
    2. Select " enable ".

    14.Enable TCP fast open

    This option enable the chrome browser to send data at fast speed. But, unfortunately this option is unavailable in windows operating system.
    1. Type " chrome://flags/#enable-tcp-fast "
    2. Select " enable.

    15.Enable simple cache

    Google chrome has come with new caching mechanism instead of old caching mechanism that is Simpl cache. Simple cache depends on the file system for allocation of space.
    1. Type " chrome://flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend " in the address bar.
    2. Select "enabled " and click on " relaunch now " button.

    16.Enable answers in suggest

    By enabling this feature, chrome can show responses to certain queries. So, you can get answers for your queries much faster.
    1. Type " chrome://flags/#answers-in-suggest " in the address bar.
    2. Select " enabled " then click " relaunch now ".

    17.Enable tab discarding

    If you enable this feature then chrome will be able to discard some tabs in the background from using memory.
    1. Type " chrome://flags " in address bar.
    2. Find " enable discarding ".
    3. Select " enable " and click on " relaunch now ".
    I will suggest you to read warning before enabling this feature.

    18.Check for spywares

    Sometimes browser's speed may be slow due to spyware's. So, it will be better to scan for any spyware or malware.

    In this way by following above steps you can speed up your google chrome browser.

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