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    sometimes, you forget to bring your mouse at your workplace or it may be the case that you are not able to use your mouse due to some technical reason . If you are facing any of the above problem then you are at right place . i have solution for this . surprising thing is that window has facility to use your keyboard as mouse , but people don't know. So , update your knowledge if you are among those people . Just follow the below mentioned steps and  use your keyboard as mouse:

    METHOD 1

    1. Press Alt + Shift(left) + Numlock keys. After pressing , a dialog box will open.
          it will ask " Do you want to turn on mouse keys ? " click on yes.
    2. You have done this . Now mouse eys are enabled on your computer .You will see
         a mousekey icon on your taskbar.
    3. your Numlock must be off when you are using mousekeys.
    4. Now you will be able to use 8, 2, 4 and 6 keys of Numpad as move up, 
         move down ,left and right respectively.

    METHOD 2

    There are many third party programs available online which are free to use. As for example, " Neat Mouse " . you can install anyone of these programs on your pc and can use your keyboard as mouse.

                                                          Er. Raju Ranjan

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