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    In this post, i will discuss  "How to turn off windows 10 automatic updates ? " windows 10 has come with a new feature that you can't turn off automatic updates simply. There is one advantage of this feature that your system will be always updated . But, there is one big disadvantage, suppose you are doing some important work on your computer and it requires fast internet speed. Suddenly update starts
    and due to update your internet surfing speed will become very slow. But, there is no need to worry , i have come with the solution. now , when to turn off and when to turn on windows 10 automatic updates , it willl be upon you. So, just follow the steps mentioned below to turn off windows 10 automatic updates:-

    1. Find out control panel in the taskbar and open it.
    2. Now click on Administrative tools > Services
        a window will open which will contain all the windows 10 services.
        you have one alternative method to open services. Just type " services.msc " in
        the RUN command box and press ENTER.
    3. Find the service named " windows update" Right click on it and " STOP " runing  
         windows update.
    4. Right click on Windows update > Properties 
         Now a dialog box will open with properties . Find "Startup Type " and change
          its value to " Disable "

    Conratulations ! you have turned off the automatic updates of windows 10 . Whenever you want to turn on automatic updates then change the value of the startup type to " Manual "
    in this way , you have learnt " how to turn off windows 10 automatic updates ? "

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