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    In this post i will discuss " how to disable recycle bin in windows 10 ?
    whenever we delete a file or folder it goes to recycle bin by default. So, we can restore them if it is needed. This facility provided by windows is very useful . Because we can recover  the file or folder which was deleted accidently .
    But, when we have low space on our hard drive then it will be better to delete files or folders permanently which are of no use.
    So, if you want that when you delete any file or folder it delete permanently without going to recycle bin then ii will discuss step by step process to turn off recycle bin in windows 10 :
    1. At first right click on " Recycle Bin " icon of your desktop. then select "properties".
    2. Choose the drive for which you want to turn off the Recycle bin.
    3. select the option " Don't move files to the recycle bin . remove files immediately when deleted." For double check of deletion, i will suggest you to tick the option " Display delete confirmation dialog ."
    4. Click on Apply  then ok.
    In this way whenever you will delete a file or folder from that drive , you will get a message
    " Are you sure you want to permanently delete this shortcut ? " After clicking "Yes" it will be deleted permanently.
    For disabling Recycle bin in all the drive , you have to repeat this process for each drive.

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