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    Friends ! If you have forgot your own pc's administrator password or if you want to enter in someone's computer which is protected by administrator password , then you are at right place. I will describe you two methods by which you can easily delete administrator password without using any software. So, use the following two methods :

    METHOD 1
    This method can be used only if your hard drive is FAT type. At first boot up with DOS then delete two files SAM.EXE and SAM.LOG from windows/system 32/config of your hard drive.
    Now, when you will boot up the system in NT envirobnment it will open without any password.

    METHOD 2
    For this method you have to follow the steps mentioned below :
    1. Remove your hard disk from your PC and connect it on any other PC.
    2. Now boot up the computer with which you have attached the hard drive . But, remember 
         use your hard disk as a secondary hard disk ( never boot it as primary hard disk).
    3. Now, open the drive of the attached hard disk on which window is installed .
    4. Find Windows/system32/config
    5. Delete SAM.EXE and SAM.LOG files .
    6. Now, you have to remove your hard disk and attach it with your first PC.
    7. Boot it again and you have done this.

    Now, no one can stop you by administrator password. you can delete administrator password without using any software.
                                                                               Er. Raju Ranjan

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