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    Friends ! If you posses flash drive or external hard drive with FAT 32 file system but you have desire to convert it to NTFS , then this post will help you. 
    There are many advantages of NTFS file system. It supports handling of larger files than FAT 32 system. NTFS system has more stability, security and it takes lesser defragmentation time. You can remember that sometimes you face the error message " Not enough disk space error " even you have enough space on your disk. You can solve this issue just by converting your FAT 32 file system to NTFS.
    So , follow the steps mentioned below to convert FAT 32 to NTFS file system:
    1. open " My Computer " and see the name of the drive whose file system you
         want to convert. suppose the name of the drive is "D".
    2. Go to " Start".
    3. For window 7, windows 8 and above just type cmd  in the search bar.
         For windows xp click on the Run and and execute cmd 
    4. Now execute
         chkdsk D:/f
          here "D" is the name of the drive which will be converted to NTFS.
    5. Further execute
         convert D:/FS:NTFS
         here "D" is the name of the drive which will be converted.
    6. Now, conversion process will start and in the end it will be shown that
        conversion is successful.
    7. Now, if you want to check it , then right click on the drive ( in this case it is "D") 
         select properties . Now you can see that file system is NTFS.

    However this method works properly . But, i wiII suggest you to take back up of your data before trying this first time.
    Again, Note down that you can't convert NTFS file system to FAT 32 by this method. For this purpose you will have to format the drive. So, be careful.
                                                                                                          Er. Raju Ranjan

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