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    To give you fast browsing experience , Firefox stores the browsing history . So that when you will visit those websites again then it will load very quickly. But, there are some disadvantages of this facility. What you do through your browser is recorded
    silently, anyone can fetch it.So, if you want to increase privacy of your browsing in Firefox , then clear the history in Firefox.

    • So, to access your firefox browser's history , click the three horizontal lines (or Menu option ) situated in the upper right corner of your browser's window or simply press "Ctrl + H " after opening Firefox.
    • Now you will see some tabs under your History tab - View History sidebar, Clear recent History , tabs from other devices, Restore previous session.
    • Select  " Clear reent history " . Now question is that how much history you want to clear ?
    •  Click on the drop-down menu next to "time range to clear " . you can select here for how much time you want to clear hstory.
    • If you want to be more precise and want to select exact information which should be cleared then click on on the arrow next to " Details". you can select exact information which you want to clear.
    • At last , click on " Clear now " ,all the selected information will be cleared.
    In this way you can clear history in Firefox.

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