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    People prefer Google Chrome browser over Intenet Explorer. Because it is faster than other web browsers.Whenever we browse internet through Google Chrome , it stores the data of visited websites in Cache. So, when we visit the same website next time , it fetches its data from Cache. this is the reason , it works faster.But, it is very interesting that this quality of the browser becomes curse after some time. when cache becomes overloaded with the saved browsing data, Google Chrome
    browser becomes slow. It takes more time to open websites.So, it is necessary to clear the cache of Google Chrome time to time. But, People don't know how to clear the cache in Google Chrome. So,if you want , please follow the following steps to clear the cache in Google Chrome: 

    1. You have three options . you can choose any one of the following:
            a) Go  to the "Menu" button situated in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome            
                 window. then,
                  "More tools " > "clear browsing data"
           b) Simply press "CTRL" + "SHIFT" + " DELETE"  in windows or linux operating system. 
                you can use " COMMAND " + "SHIFT " + "DELETE" in Mac  operating system.
           c) Go to  "Menu" > "Settings" > "Show advanced settings ...." > "clear browsing data ...."
    2. Now , second step is to select the period of time for which you want to delete the cache 
         data . For this select
         " Obliterate the followiing items from " - drop down Menu. After that select the items you 
          want to clear like Browsing History,Cache images and files etc. 
    3. in the third step, you have to press "Clear browsing data " button. 

    Congratulations, now Google Chrome will clear all the cached data for the selected period of time.
    you should clear the cache after a regular interval of time to enjoy the fast browsing feature of Google Chrome browser.


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