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    Top 5 free Antivirus for Android Smartphones

    In this post I will tell you about top 5 free Antivirus for Android Smartphones. In the previous post I have talked about Top 5 best free antivirus for windows 8 operating system. With the advancement in technology Android smartphones are frequently used these days. But android smartphones can be affected by Viruses. these viruses can slow down your phone and if they are more dangerous then your mobile phone can be easily hacked. So it is very necessary to protect your Android smartphones from virus, malware ,spyware attack. Antivirus is the best solution to these types of attacks. There are many antivirus in the market for android phones but they can give burden to your pocket. But don’t worry I will describe you about top 5 free antivirus for your Android Smartphone. So take a view on these top 5 free antiviruses:

    1.  Sophos Mobile security for Android

    Its main features are as follows:
    ·         Anti-malware and antivirus protection
    1.       Scans apps when you install them
    2.       Scans previously installed apps both on your device and on storage devices
    3.       Scans apps either on demand or in set intervals
    4.       Shows you potentially unwanted apps (PUAs)
    5.       Protects you from hacked USSDs
    6.       Uses up-to-the-minute threat intelligence from the cloud
    ·         Loss and theft protection
    1.       Send text commands from pre-defined phone numbers to perform various tasks
    2.       Remote lock or wipe a lost or stolen Android device
    3.       Trigger a Remote Alarm to make your phone ring loudly
    4.       Display a message for the finder
    5.       Reset your device passcode
    6.       Locate your device with tracking technology (the device also sends its last location before the battery runs out)
    7.       Informs you of a SIM change
    ·         Spam protection
    1.       Filters incoming text messages (SMS) according to your rules
    2.       Places texts with malicious URLs in quarantine
    3.       Blocks unwanted calls according to the filters you set, e.g., calls with hidden user ID
    ·         Privacy protection and security
    1.       Detects apps accessing personal data such as your address book
    2.       Lets you easily identify apps which can cause costs
    3.       Gives you advice on how to improve your security settings

    1. Avast Mobile security

    Its main features are as follows:
    • Antivirus protection for your Android- Avast  Mobile Security keeps you safe from malware and malicious apps.
    • Filter incoming calls and SMS messages
    • Track your lost or stolen device
    • Monitor your security status
    • Warns you of infected websites
    • Add a firewall to block hackers
    • Track network data and Wi-Fi usage
    • Auto-correct for mistyped URLs
    1. Lookout Mobile security

    Its main features as follows:
    • Advanced Security- Stay safe from viruses, malware, and spyware when downloading apps or files. Make sure each file, app or email attachment you open, even on your SD card, is safe
    • Safe Dialing-Scan all click­-to-call links to stay safe from dialer-related threats that can wipe your data, photos or factory reset your phone.
    • Safe Browsing-Surf the mobile web safely and ensure every site you visit and every link you click on from emails, texts, even Facebook, is safe.
    • Privacy Protected-Privacy Advisor protects your privacy and knows which apps can access your private information.
    • Find My Phone-Instantly map the location of your phone from any device with an internet browser and sound a loud alarm – even if your phone is on silent.
    • Even With a Dying Battery-Signal Flare automatically saves your device's last known location when your battery gets low, significantly improving your chances of finding your phone.
    • Protect Your Device From Prying Eyes-With Lock Cam you'll know immediately if someone is attempting to access your phone. Get an email with the picture and location of anyone who enters an incorrect password three times into your Android lock screen.
    • Lock It Down-If your device is in the wrong place at the wrong time, remotely lock it to block access to your personal data and post a custom message to get it back.
    • Wipe It Clean-If your device is gone for good, remotely wipe your device so your personal info doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

    1. Comodo Mobile Security

    COMODO Mobile Security (CMS) is designed to protect your Android devices against viruses, unsafe apps, privacy threats, risky settings, harmful USSD attacks, irksome Push Ads and even from theft. It also features a system optimization tool to help keep your device running smoothly. Its main features are as follows:
    1.       Antivirus protection
    2.       Traffic Monitoring
    3.       System optimizer
    4.       Software manager
    5.       Privacy advisor
    6.       Private space
    7.       SMS & call blocking
    8.       Anti-theft protection
    9.       Backup
    10.   Task scheduler

    1. TrustGo Antivirus & mobile security

    This is a free and very simple app . it secure your android smartphones with anti-theft tools and it has a very good malware protection system. It can easily remove dangerous viruses,spyware,malware,trojans e.t.c from your smartphone. 
    Its main features are as follows:
    • Find great apps quickly and easily
    • Check for mobile security risks before you download
    • Trust that the app you’re downloading is the one you really want

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