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    Top 5 best free antivirus for windows 8 operating system

    In this post I will tell you about the top 5 best free Antivirus softwares for windows 8 operating system. Windows8 is latest operating system by Microsoft these days so using it safely is necessary for you . so for security purpose in all online and offline activity you can take protection of one of the Antivirus softwares listed below:

    1.  Bitdefender Antivirus plus 2013

    Experts suggests that Bitdefender is best for windows 8 operating system. it provides best protection from viruses, spywares, malwares by curing any infected file.
    Its main features are as follows:

    • It recognize harmful websites.
    • It provides Facebook and Twitter privacy protection
    • It can repair any infected file rather than deleting them
    • It provides secure online transactions
    • It has ID theft protector any many other important features
    2.   Microsoft Security Essentials
    It is among the best free antivirus provided by Microsoft itself. So it suits better Windows 8 operating system. With its clear interface it is user friendly. it provides good security against viruses, malwares  etc.
    Its main features are as follows:
    • It can detect malwares wisely
    • It has nice rookit removal feature
    • Scan speed feature and many more
    3.  AVG Free 2013
    AVG is also an user friendly and Antivirus software. its among the best suited antivirus for desktop and laptops containing Windows 8 operating system. It strongly detects antivirus, malwares, internet threats and stop them to act on your computer.

    4.   Avast Antivirus 2013 
    Avast is one of the best free Antivirus softwares . it is useful for computer as well as mobile phones. it will give you complete protection against malwares , viruses , hackers, phishing attacks etc.
    Its main features are as follows:
    • It blocks phishing attack on your system
    • It blocks hacking attacks on your system
    • It runs risky programs safely
    • It gives you better protection during online shopping and online banking activities
    5.   Norton Antivirus
    Norton is the masters of security softwares, and Norton antivirus gives you total protection for your Windows 8 operating system, Norton antivirus by Symantec is also a windows 8 certified and comes with some great new features, Like threat-removal layer, free 24/7 support, you can feel safe by using Norton for your home and business Systems.

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