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    How to speed up your Pendrive for faster data transfer

    In this post I will tell you how to speed up your Pendrive for faster data transfer
    Generally data transfer speed of any pen drive depends on mainly four factors:

    1. Age of the pendrive
    Newer pendrive always performs faster than older Pendrive

    2. Types of files
    Generally video,audio,docs etc transfer at faster rate compared to application files.

    3. USB Port version
    Latest version of Pendrives generally sold in market is USB 2.0 .if this type of pendrive is inserted in a comparatively old systems supporting USB port version 1.1 then transfer rate of pendrive slows down.

    4.Location of files
    Transfer of data from one folder to another in same drive will be faster compared to transfer of data from one drive to another drive.

    So after knowing about the factors affecting the speed of data transfer of pen drive , it’s time to know the techniques to make it faster. Simply follow these steps and your pendrive will be comparatively faster:
    1. First of back up your pendrive data. Because in this  process you will lose your data so back up it.
    2. Insert your pen drive in the port >select Format > select NTFS File system > uncheck Quick Format > click on Start
    3. Now we will check for Disk errors. Under the properties tab click on Tools  > click on Check now button(under error checking menu)  > start the scan to fix the errors if any. It will take some time.
    4. Now we will change device policy . go to pendrive Properties tab > click on Hardware >select your USB device from the list > click on properties
    5. Now you will get a new dialog box . first click on Change settings , you will get another dialog box , now click on policy tab > select better performance > click ok.
    6. Safely remove your pendrive.
    In this way we have speed up our pen drive data transfer rate . you may also like
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