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    How to optimize windows 7 for better performance

    In this post I will tell you how to optimize windows 7 for better performance. Windows are the most popular operating systems and windows 7 is used frequently these days. But it is  a bitter truth that as time passes system slows down and its performance degrades. But if you follow certain tips given by me then it will definitely optimize your Windows 7 performance and you will be able to enjoy a fast and smooth computer using experience. So let’s start the ways by which you can optimize your operating system performance:

    Try the Performance troubleshooter

    Performance troubleshooter is one of the excellent way to automatically find and fix problems of your computer. It checks all the issues which slows down your system
    To open it follow these steps:
    1. Click on start button > click on control panel
    2.  in search box type troubleshooter > click troubleshooting
    3. Under system and security click on check for performance issues.
    Delete all the programs which are not useful

    When we purchase computer system for first time many manufacturer’s programs are installed on your system which are useless. Apart from this many trial version softwares are installed on your system but after expiry time you forget to remove those. In this way your computer becomes a collection of useless garbage of programs. so at first uninstall all useless programs from your computer. It will improve your system performance.

    Limit the number of programs run at startup
    Many installed programs run in your computer at start up which you do not require . so to identify those programs type in search box msconfig  and press enter. A pop up will open ,click on startup tab then uncheck the program which you do not want to run at startup. Now click Apply then ok. now only your desired programs will run at startup.

    Defragment your hard disk

    Fragmentation slows down your computer after a certain time. Disk defragmenter rearranges your fragmented data on hard disk. Generally disk defragmenter runs on a fixed schedule but you can do it manually.
    For disk defragmenting go to start button>all programs > accessories > System tools > disk defragmenter

    Clean up your hard disk

    Unnecessary files uses disk space and it slows down your system speed. So use Disk cleanup to remove temporary files, empty recycle bin, and remove useless system files .
    So for disk cleanup go to start button>all programs > accessories > System tools > disk cleanup

    Run fewer programs at the same time

    Sometimes we run many programs simultaneously. It affects computers processing speed badly. So to run your computer fast you should avoid running so many programs simultaneously. You should run only those programs which are really necessary. In this way your computer will perform better.

    Restart your computer regularly

    Restarting computer clear out its memory and ensure that any errant processes and services that started running get shut down. So you should restart your computer at least once a week if you use it a lot.

    Check for viruses and spywares

    Sometimes your computer runs slowly because of your system is infected with virus or spyware. So always use a good quality antivirus software and scan your system regularly.

    In this way by following  above tips you can optimize windows 7 for better performance.

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