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    How to know if someone used your computer in windows 8

    In this post I will tell you how to know if someone used your computer in windows 8. Sometimes in your absence it may be possible that someone uses your computer. But you don’t know. It may be dangerous for you. Because in your absence they can do some illegal activities through your computer . so it is necessary for us to know that in which time they logged into computer and what they done during that period. So in this post I am going to say you about this.

    So first start with how to know that anyone logged into your computer and when it happened . Follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to know it:
    1. Right click the bottom left corner of the screen and select Run
    2. In the text field just type eventvwr and click ok .
    3. it will open Windows Event Viewer utility.
    4. In the left side click on windows logs > system
    5. In the right side of window you will find two columns one named date and time and other source . the source column shows the type of events that occurred in your computer and date and time shows when it occurred.
    6. Now under source  column search for power troubleshooter and winlogon  events . power troubleshooter and winlogon shows when user logged in your computer . Generally power troubleshooter event is followed by a winlogon  event.
    7. So by using these two events you can know when someone logged into your computer or used your computer.

    Now we will try to know what they done with our computer that means if they used internet then which website they opened or which data they created. So for this do the following:

    1. Check web browser history : Generally when we open any website then information about it is stored in web browser history . so by looking into web browsing history we can know everything about online activities done by some other person in your computer if they have not deleted it. At first open the web browser  in your computer then press Ctrl+h . it will show browsing history day by day . click on any day and see which website has been opened.
    2. Go for recent documents: Generally windows has a recent documents section if you have not disabled it. So Go to recent documents  and see what documents are used and what are created new.
    In this way you can know if someone used your computer and you can also know what activity they done on your computer. 

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