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    How to hide photos on your iPhone and iPad without using any Apps

    If you want to know how to hide some of your private photos which can be easily seen on your iPhone and iPad if anyone access it then I will give you trick to do this without using any Apps.everyone of us have some private photos in our iPhone and iPad and we do not want that certain of our friends or family members see it. There are many Apps available in App store which can password protect your photos. Even by using Dropbox you can do this. But giving password, remembering it is very boring. So in this post I will tell you a simple trick by which you can hide your photos without using any Apps or Dropbox.

    Follow the steps mentioned below:
    1. At first go to the Photo library of your iPhone or iPad
    2. Now select the photo you want to hide
    3. Click on the ‘’Edit’’ button and then tap the “crop” tool present at the bottom
    4. Now drag the edges of the cropping box in such a way that a only a very small portion of the photo can be seen inside the box
    5. Now save the cropped image so that it will replace the actual image.
    Actually when we edit an image in iOS device as like iPhone or iPad then along with the edited image the original image is saved automatically in the device. So you don’t lose your original image. You can retrieve your original image with the help of your saved cropped image.

    How to retrieve original image 

    For iPad : 
    Open the cropped image that you saved. Select the “Edit” option and then tap ‘’Revert to original’’. You will get your original image.
    For iPhone:
    For iPhone ‘’Revert to original’’ option is not available. So simply drag the cropped edges manually in the outward direction for getting the original image.

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