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    How to hide the files behind images

    In this post I will give the trick to hide the files behind images. If you want that no one access your files then this post is very useful for you. If some other person will open then he will see image but by a certain method you can retrieve your image. So to hide the files behind images follow these steps:

    1. At first select an image to be used for hiding file behind that image.
    2. After that select a file to hide behind the image and convert it in .RAR format using WinRAR software.
    3. Now paste both the files on desktop.
    4. Now open cmd by following Start > Accessories > Command Prompt and type following commands in it.
          cd desktop
    5. Here CD stands for change directory. Now type the command given below.
        Copy /b imagename.jpg + filename.rar finalimage.jpg
        Replace imagename.jpg with the name of image you want your file to be hidden behind. Write image        format must (Eg: .jpg,.png,.gif)
        Replace filename with name of your file you want to hide. Keep it in .rar format.
        At last replace finalimage.jpg with whatever name you want your final image with hidden files should be. Behind this image your file will be hidden.

    After following all the above steps when you will try to open this newly created image it will open as normal image, but to open your hidden file you will have to follow these steps:
        1. Open winrar
        2. Now locate your image and open it or simply drag your image in winrar.
        3. Extract the file and done.
    In this way you can hide the files behind images.

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