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    How to connect Skype to Facebook

    In this post I will tell you how to connect Skype to your facebook account. By connecting your facebook account to Skype you will be able to chat all your facebook friends in Skype. So follow these steps and enjoy chatting with your facebook friends in Skype:

    1. You should have an active Skype account and an active facebook account. If you don’t have then first create these account .
    2. Download Skype application and enter your user name and password in it.
    3. After logged into Skype account click on the tab with a Facebook icon on it.
    4. Click Connect to facebook.
    5. As you do for any other application approval . here also you have to log in first and then grant it some permission.
    6. You have done it. Now you will get your newsfeed within your Skype application where you can post your updates, like status and comment on them. 

    Now all of your facebook friends will be visible here and you can start chat with them in Skype.

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