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    How to Give Access to Your Gmail Account without Sharing Password

    If you want to give access to your Gmail account to someone without sharing your password .then I have an easy way for you. Suppose you are on holidays or in a remote area where internet facility is not available and you want regular updates about your emails. Then try my unique method. In this method you can give authority to check your emails to any friend without sharing password with him. So follow these steps:

    1. Enter your Google account > click on settings
    2.  Then go to the accounts and import > click on add another account. After this just enter the Gmail guest account.
    3.  Message will reach the other side for the acceptance of the addition. Now after acceptance you must wait approximately 30 minutes in order to allow him to manage your account. So that just by clicking on the image visitor (guest) in the mail box , choose to log on to your account, 

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