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    Sign in with a picture password in windows 8 and windows RT

    Now we can use Picture password in windows 8 and windows RT .it can make your PC more personal and secure. You can draw picture and shapes on a touchscreen or you can use mouse to draw. Picture password is hard to hack .because shapes and pictures combination can be infinite. 

    So follow these steps and set up a picture password in your PC:

    1.       From the Settings charm click Change PC settings >click Users.
    2.       Under Sign-in options  click Create a picture password > follow the on-screen instructions.
    3.       If you don't see this option, check with your system administrator or see Why can't I create a picture password?

    Some warnings to keep in mind:

    1.   Don't make a picture password very harder. Use simple photos shapes that are easy to remember and to draw.
    2.   A picture password is limited to three gestures, and these must be some combination of circles, straight lines, and taps. So, keep it simple.

    In this way you can easily sign in with picture password in windows 8 and windows RT.

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