How to block and unblock websites on your computer

If you want to block and unblock websites then I have a trick to do it without using any follow these steps and do what you want with a particular websites: 

To block a website 
          1.       Click start Button then click “Run"
          2.       Type the following command in the “run” then press “ok”
                  notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts 
          3.       A pop up window of notepad will open 

          4.       Suppose you want to block the website  then add  
            as shown in pic below 

          5.       Now press CTRL+S to save the file. 
          6.       Restart the internet browser.

In this way you have blocked on your computer. Replace it with any website address and you will be able to block that website.

To unblock a website

          1.       Repeat from step 1 to step 3 as mentioned above. 
          2.       Now delete   from pop up window of notepad. 
          3.       Now press CTRL+S to save the file.
          4.       Restart the internet browser.

Now you have unblocked on your computer.