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    windows 8 hot shortcut keys

    Now  windows 8 in the market and people are enjoying its features. It is very hotkey heavy .so I am giving some very useful shortcut keys.
    Windows key       Shows the new Start screen (Metro).
    Win + type keyword    Instant application search (same as in Windows 7).
    Win + D    Standard Windows desktop. Also minimizes/restores all open windows in desktop mode.
    Win + Q     Shows all installed apps.
    Win + W   Instant search for settings.
    Win + F    Instant search for files.
    Win + I     Settings sidebar (control panel, network, volume, brightness, notifications, and more).
    Win + P   Shows multi-monitor options, also useful for connecting an external monitor or projector.
    Win + X   Power user shortcut menu (Device Manager, Control Panel, Command Prompt, Power Options, etc.).
    Win + Z   Shows App Bar in Metro applications.
    Win + Page Up / Down   Moves full-screen Metro app to secondary monitor.
    Win + Left / Right arrow  Moves and snaps desktop applications in that direction, or to a different monitor.
    Win + . (period)   Snaps the current Metro app to the right side of the screen. Do it twice and it will snap to the left.
    Win + . (period) + Shift  Snaps the current Metro app to the left side of the screen.
    Win + J    Switches focus between snapped Metro apps.
    Win + Tab   Switches between open applications. Similar to using the left-upper hot corner with a mouse.
    Win + L     Locks Windows.

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