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    how to avoid getting hacked on online game

    people generally enjoy playing online games free on internet. but it is unfortunate that many times we loose our private online informations unwillingly and being hacked. so if you want not to be hacked then please follow these steps:

    1. never put your personal info on the game.if your account will be haced then hacker will easily know your all info.

    2.never share your password with anyone. even with your best friends.

    3. If you are hacked, follow this. Make another account and get the hacker talking. If her says something like this - "do this...or I'll delete the account", don't do it.

    4.If your friend(s) say that the hacker is an account name, then they have probably made the 'hackers' account and are hacking you themselves.

    5. If you don't put any personal info into the game and the hacker says your age or name, it is probably someone who knows you. If they had traced your computer and found it out the hard way, they wouldn't hack your account.

    if you will follow above steps then you can be safe online.happy gaming....


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