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    how to protect computer from hackers

    Now we live in the information technology era. It will be horrible to imagine a world without computers. Our important data, money transactions, scientific research e.tc. everything is done on computers. But as other areas of life this IT field is also full of crime now. Many hackers and crackers are available who can steal our important data from our computers, they can know our bank accounts details if we are not alert. So it is very important to protect our computer from these hackers. There is no guarantee of cyber accidents but we can take some safety measures. If you follow steps written below then definitely there will be very low risk of attacks


    If your computer is connected to internet, then its vulnerability increases. Any hacker can access your computer through internet. They can enter in your network via network ports. So if you want to stop hacker then you should install firewall. A firewall behaves like a gatekeeper. It keeps watch on incoming and outgoing traffic. If any illegitimate access happens then it will stop that or show warning message. In this way it will keep your computer safe.

    How to protect computer from HACKERS

    There are two types of firewall that can be installed:
    1. Hardware firewall
    2. Software firewall
    A hardware firewall contains a group of external gadgets. This group of gadgets should be fit between your computer and internet connection.

    A software firewall is attached within the operating system of computer. Some operating system like windows XP, windows vista or windows 7 comes with their own firewall.
    You can access firewall setting in windows by following these steps
    Start > control panel > system and security > windows firewall.
    It is essential to keep your firewall ON always.

    Keep your operating system and softwares updated

    We should always try to keep our operating system updated. It decreases the risk of attack. Similarly, try to keep your all softwares updated and of latest version. Because new features are secondary thing primary thing is that your system will be safe. Always use upgraded version of browsers for internet browsing. It will also strengthen your security.

    Use antivirus and anti spyware softwares

    Always use good quality updated version of antivirus and antispyware softwares. Because viruses are generally responsible for hacking a system. Some antiviruses are free but work well like AVG, AVAST e.t.c.  On the other hand some are one of the best but you have to buy them for example Symantec endpoint protection, kaspersky, Norton e.t.c. After installing antivirus, do regular scan of your system.

    How to protect computer from HACKERS 2

    Install softwares from trusted websites only

    Don’t keep a bad habit of downloading softwares from torrent sites and other fake websites. They can contain virus and spywares. So be careful don’t faith on any website blindly. Use only trusted websites for downloading.

    Avoid p2p file sharing softwares

    People generally use p2p softwares for movie and songs download. But it is my advice that if you are not technically strong in computer and internet then please avoid this type of file sharing. Because it can be free invitation for viruses, spywares and key loggers. These can steal your passwords and other important information. It can also affect your computer hardwares.

    Use secure connections for sending sensitive data

    We use internet for playing games, participating in contest, online shopping, online transactions e.t.c. these types of transactions require our personal and financial sensitive data. So always keep in mind that this type of transactions should be done through encrypted secure connections (SSL/TLS protocol).you can easily understand it that if your browser address URL starts with https:// instead of http:// then it is secure. Always try to use social networking sites such as Google plus, facebook, twitter e.t.c using secure connection https://.

    Delete unknown emails

    If you get emails from unknown people then simply delete it and never click on any link of these suspicious mails. Many mails will say you that they are from some banks and want to deposit huge amount of money in your accounts so please send your account information and personal details. These are totally frauds. They can be hackers. So simply delete those emails. 

    Avoid dirty websites

    Porn websites are great source of virus and spywares. So avoid it. If in worst case you do then check all security measures for your system and it’s your risk.

    Secure your wireless network or modem 

    Do essential security settings of your modem or wireless network. But if you have not good knowledge of it then at least change the default password.

    How to protect computer from HACKERS 3

    Use strong passwords 

    If you want to keep your computer’s safety strong then use strong password. It means use password which is mix up of upper case and lower case letters, numbers, symbols. It will strengthen your system’s security

    How to protect computer from HACKERS 4

    .                 If you will follow above steps then there will be very less possibility that any hacker will try to hack your system.

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