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    how to download movies from internet

    Internet world is changing with a fast pace. Now, we have 3G internet connection which is very fast and upcoming 4G will be one step ahead of it. So, downloading huge files like movies and videos became very easy. But, if you have not very fast internet connection then don’t worry. A minimum speed of 256 kbps is required to download a movie conveniently. But faster internet connection will save your time.

                       One important thing is that downloading certain movies violates copyright laws. But many movies are available in public domain and can be downloaded. So check it before downloading a particular movie. 

     Now I will say you stepwise process to download a movie from internet

    How to download movies from internet
    1. At first you have to download and install a torrent software on your PC. There are many torrent softwares like Vuze, Bittorrent, utorrent e.tc I will suggest you to download Vuze. It is safer than others.
    2. Now search for your movie in any torrent search engine like www.torrentz.eu
    3. After searching the movie download torrent file from those displayed links. A torrent file will have a “.torrent” extension. Now save it I desired folder. During downloading a torrent file look for SEEDERS (users who are sharing that file).a link with more number of seeders will be better and it will give fast performance.
    4. After saving the torrent file, double click it. Now your movie download will start. Downloading a movie can take hours if your internet connection is slow. But if your connection is fast it will take less time.
    5. After downloading, you can play it in supporting media player.
     Now enjoy watching movies on your computer without purchasing a cd or DVD.

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