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    how to access a remote desktop using any other computer or your iPod touch or iphone.

    Suppose you are outside your home and want to access your own computer for some necessary data or suppose you want to help some other person by accessing his computer then what will you do? Confused !! I have an easy solution for you. You can connect to any computer Mac, Windows or Linux, using any other computer or your iPod touch or iphone. Just follow these steps and you will be able to access any computer from another computer:-

    how to access a remote desktop

    1. Go to www.teamviewer.com
    2. Click on the left side button written as “Start full version. It’s free “.
    3. Now save the software teamviewer in desired folder of your computer.
    4. Now install the teamviewer software on your pc. You will also need to install it  on your iPod/iPhone or any remote computer you will be using to access.
    5. Once both sides Teamviewer software is installed, click on the desktop icon and open it.
    6. You will see two boxes one is “wait for Session” and the other is “create session”.  In “wait for the session “ box  ID and Password will be generated. Now enter your partner’s id in "create a session"  box.
    7. Now click on “connect to partner”. Now connection between both computers will be established. Once the two computers will be connected, the one doing the remote access support will see the other computer’s desktop on the screen. When our mouse is hovering over the screen, actually we are hovering the mouse on their desktop. Now we will be able to access all the files on that desktop. It will be also very easy to troubleshoot other computers remotely.   

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