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    How to install windows XP in less than 15 minutes

    Microsoft windows XP operating system generally takes 40 minutes to install. We can reduce the installation time to approximately 15 minutes. Use the following steps and enjoy fast installation:-

    How to install windows XP in less than 15 minutes

    1. Start booting from windows XP disk.
    2. After copying all the files by setup which are required for installation of windows xp, it will prompt to indicate a location to install the operating system (OS).
    3. After selecting the drive, the setup would format and reboot.
    4. During reboot, installation will start and the screen will tell that you require around 40 minute completing the setup.
    5. Now press Shift + F 10 . Command prompt will open. Type “taskmgr “(without quotes) .it will open up the task manager.
    6. In the task manager, click the process tab and search for a process named Setup.exe.
    7. Right click the process and set its priority to “High”.
    Congratulations!! Now installation will be faster and will complete within 15 minutes approx.

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