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    How to create custom search for your blog or website

    Google search engine can make your website more user friendly. It will add the search tool through which any visitor of your website or blog can search content .you can also earn money by monetizing search result with Google adsense for search. Just follow these steps to add a custom search box to your website or blog:

    1. Go to Google custom search engine  website and login with your Google account.
    2. Click on create custom search engine.
    3. Give your search engine a suitable name and description about your blog or website.
    4. Give your website or blog’s url in site to search box.
    5. Select edition and click next to customize the style of your search engine. Now you will get the code.
    6. Paste the code on desired place of your website or blog.
    7. If you want to some change in custom search go to Google custom search website and click on manage existing search engine. After that click on control panel.
    Now you can reload your website or blog and see your custom search engine.

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